Expanding After School Activities

The “Three Dads” Hackensack Smart Schools team will prioritize bringing back and expanding upon after school activities available to students. This includes enrichment programs, sports & recreation programs, and more. These types of activities are crucial to the development and education of our students and must come back to the district. Making significant, overdue upgrades to school facilities will be a part of this plan.

Improving Curriculum Standards

Giving our children the best career and educational opportunities by improving the curriculum is a key issue for the team. Together, the “Three Dads” will fight for greater investment in STEM education and the arts, and will bring back free SAT and ACT prep classes. They will also work to make necessary upgrades to educational facilities to bring the schools into the 21st century with better technology and equipment.

Making Schools Safer

Keeping our students safe is the most important job of the school district and the Board of Education. If elected, the “Three Dads” team will work with the schools to implement a comprehensive overhaul of the district's harassment, intimidation, and bullying policy and mandatory training for teachers and staff. They will also work to address the overcrowding issues that the schools currently face, as that is absolutely connected to student safety.